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Top 5 Tips For Succeeding With Bing PPC Ads

shutterstock_231234541Google stands as the Internet marketing giant, bringing in more in financial marketing revenue than any other service out there. Despite this, standing as the most used marketing resource does not mean it is the best option for all parties. Some marketing clients find much more success with other services, including Bing. Taking advantage of the pay per click (PPC) marketing potential of Bing (which also places advertisements on Yahoo) makes sense as it has less competition and generally costs a substantial less than Google. If you are considering using the Bing PPC advertisements, here are the top five tips for succeeding with the platform.

Split Test Advertisements

Far too many marketers put all of their advertising dollars into one form of advertisement. Bing, like Google, allows you to create different ad groups. These ad groups can revolve off of keywords, page placement and context. If at all possible, split test your advertisements into at least two or three different groups. This way, you can monitor the advertisements, look at what is bringing in the most leads and edit your marketing approach as more information and analytics come in.

Create a Daily Budget

Bing PPC advertisements require you to bid on keywords. The top bids receive the top advertisement spots on Bing and its associate websites. Placing a cap on your daily expenses ensures you do not overspend. It is possible to cap your expenses anywhere from a dollar up. So, determine what you can afford to market on a monthly basis, then break that down to a daily amount and enter it into your account.

Monitor Keywords

When creating an advertisement group, you select a set of keywords represented within the ad. It is important to select only five to 10 relevant keywords for the group. Anything more than this and you risk watering down your advertisement, spreading it too thin and not receiving the kind of attention it needs. This lowers your CPC and quality score. So, it is necessary to monitor your keywords, see what brings in the most traffic and adjust from there.

Bring in a Negative

Negative keywords can actually help your PPC campaign on Bing. On Bing, you can create a negative keyword list. These are keywords that are not associated with your content, yet people might click on your advertisement by mistake because of it (for example, you advertise for trips to China and don’t want to be confused with ads for fine china, so you use negative keywords associated with dishes and silverware to ensure your advertisement doesn’t appear).

Always Call to Action

No matter the kind of advertisement you create, whether it is on Bing or another outlet, always make sure to integrate a call to action into your copy. This improves the CTR of the advertisement and will bring in more potential leads. The call to action will vary, depending on the kind of advertisement you have created, just make sure it’s there before approving.