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Improve Web Design With These 8 Simple Tips

shutterstock_171192365A website design can be attractive and effective, if you know what you should be doing to develop a great website. A truly successful design will always stand out from the mediocre ones. If you want to drive customers away make what they are looking for hard to find. However, if you want visitors to easily find your website, stay there longer, and buy products then you will need to have a free flowing website. Today, we will cover tips for improving your web design to give the customer the best experience imaginable.

Have a Refined, Professional Logo

You logo is an integral component of your brand. It, therefore, has to be prominently displayed on your website. You need to use a high-resolution image, which should be featured in the upper left corner of every page of your website. Likewise, it is advisable to link the logo to your home page for visitors to navigate to it.

Optimize Your Website Content

Another way to improve the design of your site is to optimize the content that you already have there, rather than trouble yourself with creating new content. You can do this by implementing some simple on-page optimization, which includes:

  • Anchor text that would link websites to one another
  • Use of header-tags when needed
  • Adding title tags to your images
  • Writing unique meta descriptions for every web page

With these simple elements, you will be pleasantly amazed at the impact of your web design.

Consolidate Your Site’s Navigation

You need to realize that the more options visitors have, the less likely they’re to convert. Thus, it is imperative that you consolidate options that can do without their own primary navigation button. Consider using drop down lists to neatly structure any pages that should remain under a parent page.

Do Away With Clutter

In today’s digital world, it is quite easy to be visually overburdened with images, to the extent that our brains can’t process information when met with too many options.

In that regard, you need to ensure your pages do not contain visual clutter, like lots of graphics, or competing calls to action that may draw visitors’ attention away from the most important information on the page. You can also cut down on clutter on landing pages by limiting the options and links, in both the header and footer, to further narrow the focus on the most important elements.

Generally, you have about 3-5 seconds to impress a visitor enough to have them stay on your site. If your website is hideous, slow, and weak in content, visitors will definitely leave – with the possibilities of ever coming back being almost zero. It is therefore, imperative that you capitalize on every opportunity you have to create a great, professional-looking website. By following the above tips and doing further research, you will be able to improve your web design in a way that it will effectively represent your brand.