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7 Essential Ways to Improve Your PPC Landing Pages

shutterstock_1410435491. Match Ad and Landing Page Copy

Nothing drives away visitors faster than a landing page that didn’t match the ad that they clicked on. Make sure that you have a consistent message for both the ad and the landing page with similar phrases and keywords. People will click on your ad because they are expecting  something from you, and the landing page is your first opportunity to meet that expectation.

2. Think About Goals

What is the goal for your landing page? Do you want visitors to sign up for a newsletter or a special offer? Design the content and copy of the landing page to drive visitors toward that goal. Think about your visitors’ goals as well as you create the content for the landing page so that you can meet their needs and meet your goals at the same time!

3. Write Concise Copy

Landing pages shouldn’t have too much copy on them. Visitors to your landing page don’t want to read a ton of copy, but they do want to see what you have to offer. Concisely outline the benefits your business offers in your copy, using SEO keywords to increase traffic, and then hook your visitors in with a compelling call to action.

4. Use a Compelling Call to Action

The call to action is the crucial step in converting traffic into leads. The call to action should be specific, and offer something of value to the newly converted lead. Make the call to action a personal connection with the client, and avoid using vague language like “subscribe” or “submit.”

5. Build Trust

People tend to be very guarded when it comes to interacting with brands online.Your PPC landing page should quickly establish trust with visitors. One good way to build trust is to add social media reviews, testimonials from clients, or media coverage to the page. This will show potential leads that you have a good reputation and are worthy of their trust.

6. Keep it Simple and Professional

Don’t use too many images or animations on the landing page. One or two professional looking images that convey the benefits of your brand and the professionalism of your company will work perfectly in combination with simple and professional copy. Make the copy easy to scan, and avoid using industry jargon.

7.Design Pages to Load Quickly

Loading time is one of the factors that will effect Google’s AdWords Quality Score for your landing page. The page should load in less than 5 seconds. If your page takes too long to load, it’s probably a sign that you have too many images, flash files or animations on the page and that you need to simplify.

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