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3 SEO Strategies To Increase Your Traffic

shutterstock_237828961Your SEO marketing campaign should be bringing you signs of a lucrative future in the healthcare industry. However, if you are struggling to get positive returns on your efforts, you may be looking for ways to improve your SEO strategy to enhance the user experience. These three tips will help you boost traffic and bring in new customers.

  1. Be Mobile Friendly – In recent years, the explosion of smart phone technology has led to more and more people moving away from traditional computers. As a result, web searches are taking place in mobile format far more than they are on a full size screen. Plus, now that everyone is carrying a phone in their pocket, they are able to do more searches than ever before on the spur of a moment. When it comes to your website’s rankings, if you are not optimized for mobile phone access you will be missing out on a huge subset of your potential customer base. People who only access the internet from their phones will be completely unable to reach you, or may find that your website is too difficult to navigate on a small touch screen. Take the time now to test your site for viability for mobile users.
  2. Don’t Give Up On Long Tail Keywords – It is difficult to know exactly how any customer will search for your product or services, so you may be tempted to keep your keywords vague and open ended. Ultimately keeping keywords short and sweet does open you up to more clicks from interested parties, but that does not necessarily mean more conversions. Including long tail keywords that are very detailed may have fewer search queries up front, but they are far more likely to lead to a conversion because you know that customer is looking for what you have to offer specifically.
  3. Stay Up To Date – SEO marketing is a long term prospect that requires you to change with the market over time. Your keywords can get outdated just like anything else in the world, so you need to be vigilant about using keyword tools to ensure that your search terms are still relevant and effective. If you notice that your rankings are starting to drop, it’s a good time to do some research and see where the industry is headed, and how you can modify your content and links to better match current standards. There are many tools now available to help you rank and identify top keywords in your industry and refine your efforts.

Using SEO marketing can go a long way toward building your healthcare brand as a reliable and trustworthy place for patients of all kinds. However, staying on top of your SEO by keeping up with current mobile technology trends and the latest keywords is the best way to boost your traffic. In addition, making sure to included long tail keywords on your list will bring up your conversion rate and make sure that traffic you are getting is highly relevant.